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Conditions of payments / transfers to / from abroad (international transfers) except money remittances
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Conditions of executing money remittances
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Rules of providing money transfer services
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Validity period and way of money transfers returns


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Moldindconbank offers you the following money remittances services  

System Country Commission
Strada Italia From Italy to Moldova 12 EUR
(any amount up to 3.000 EUR)
MoneyGram Over 200 countries and regions

Money Gram fees

Western Union Over 200 countries and regions Fees for EUR/USD, for MDL
*New! Fees for MDL sending directly to bank account
Unistream From/to over 43 countries (CSI countries, Italy, Czech Republic, UK etc.)

From 0.95%

Contact 170 countries (Russia, CSI countries, Europe, Israel, Turkey, USA, etc.)

From 0.75%

RIA Money Transfer 160 countries (Italy*, Spain, Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Ukraine, etc.)

Until 31.05.2021:
0,8% - for sending USD/EUR to Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia.
2% min 3 EUR/USD - for each transfer to Europe.

Zolotaya Korona 31 countries (CSI countries, Turkey, Great Britain, Israel, Europe etc.)

From 1%
*On the bank card: in Russia - 1%, in Ukraine - 1,5%

Intel Express Over 90 countries
*Temporary transfers to Cyprus are suspended

From 2%

Transfer P2P Between bank cards

According to current fees

For additional information please call: 022 576 966 or 0 800 111 11 (toll free within Moldova)