Types of cards

Packages of electronic services

Choose the suitable package of electronic services from Moldindconbank: BASIC, OPTIM, SILVER, FAMILY, GOLD, EXCLUSIV and ybenefit from one or multiple personal cards, for your daily banking operations, both in Moldova and abroad.


 "GENERAL" offer packages:

  1. BASIC – your start in using remote banking services!

    With this package you get to choose one of the following international bank cards: Mastercard/Visa. And, with the Web-Banking service included in the package, you can remotely manage your card account, transfer money between cards, pay online for utilities and benefit from many other useful options, for a dynamic life.

  2. OPTIM – a perfect choice for those who want to get maximum benefits at minimum costs!

    In addition to the benefits of the BASIC package, you receive an extra card: Mastercard/Visa Electron, which can be added to the card account in your name or a delegated person, with the option of setting a limit for the amount of money withdrawn from the account. Additionally to the Web-Banking service included in the package, you get 10 SMS-notifications per month, so you can be up-to-date with your transactions and account status.

  3. SILVER – for clients who actively use remote banking services, including abroad and on the Internet.

    With the SILVER package you get access to 2 cards, a basic card Mastercard Standard /Visa Classic and a second card Mastercard/Visa. The package includes 25 SMS-notifications/month, and for an unlimited number of SMS you get a 50% discount. Also, you get a 1 p.p. discount from the standard interest rate for a credit card or salary overdraft, based on the official bank rates for loans, and for the account card balance you get a 1% annual interest for MDL or 0,5% for USD/EUR.

  4. FAMILY – now your family can enjoy all the benefits of international cards and electronic services in one package!

    Additionally to the SILVER package benefits you can choose up to 4 cards in one account: two cards - Mastercard Standard/Visa Classic and two cards - Mastercard/Visa. For security purposes, you can control the access to your account balance for every delegated family member: husband/wife, parents, children or friends.

  5. GOLD – for those who value time and individual approach in commercial businesses around the world!

    Enjoy the possibility of owning 2 Premium level cards: Mastercard Gold/Visa Gold, plus 1 Mastercard Standard/Visa Classic and 1 Mastercard/Visa. Besides the standard benefits, the package includes an unlimited number of SMS-notifications, and if you choose to get a credit card or salary overdraft you get a 2 p.p. discount from the standard interest rate based on the official bank rates for loans, also, for the account card balance you get a 2% annual interest for MDL or 1% for USD/EUR. 

 "EXCLUSIV" offer packages:

EXCLUSIV – for select people, who value quality services, appreciate their time and frequently travel abroad for personal and business reasons!

Enjoy the possibility of owning premium cards: Mastercard World Elite, Mastercard Platinum, VISA Platinum and 4 additional cards for yourself and your family members.

Being the owner of one of the Exclusive packages, you will have a privileged service from the Concierge service (for Mastercard World Elite), provided by your personal manager via a dedicated line 24/24 (+373) 22 78 55 77, as well as full insurance by obtaining an insurance card, that grants you priority access to Business lounges of airports around the world with the Priority Pass and Mastercard Business Lounges at selected airports; emergency cash advance or a temporary card through the Global Support Service, shopping protection (for Visa Platinum), special offers and discounts in luxury hotels, rent-a-car clubs and other elite locations around the world .

Additional benefits: P2P services, CASH-In, Cash-by-code, Cash-in cardless, free access to Web-Banking and Mobile-Banking, a credit line with preferential conditions, increased interest rate etc.

Preferential offers: