Types of cards

Mastercard Standard

Mastercard Standardis the most used international card, it can be opened in MDL, USD or EUR. It can be used at terminals and ATMs, as well as at commercial points equipped with imprints (mechanical terminals), which demonstrates that this card benefits from a wide network of services.

Mastercard Standard with Contactless technology allows you to quickly pay for your purchases by simply tapping your card against the reader area on the terminal. There is no need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt, for purchases less than 500 MDL, for purchases over 500 MDL, you will be required enter your PIN (limits for PIN-free transactions vary from one country to another).


  • Convenient and practical for daily low value transactions.
  • Fast - it takes only 6 seconds to pay, 4 times faster than a regular card.
  • Simple - payment is simple, just tap the card against the reader area on the terminal.
  • Secure - the card is always in your hands, you don’t have to give it to the cashier.
  • Time-saving - you do not have to wait and count the change.

Good to know!

  • Mastercard Contactless from Moldindconbank can be used in over 68 countries all over the world, in locations where you see the contactless

    or Mastercard PayPass symbol .
  • The Contactless technology is optional, which means that your card has all the standard features of a bank card.
  • Locations with Moldindconbank Contactless payment terminals

Clients who have a saving account at Moldindconbank and young people (up to 30 years) can benefit for free of the advantages of Mastercard Debit, by choosing the special offers: „Depozit Silver” and „Young&Smart Silver”.