Types of cards

Mastercard Gold

Mastercard Goldis a premium-level card, recognized worldwide, the owner of Mastercard Gold will receive the best treatment from millions of retailers in different countries. Mastercard Gold is a privileged card designed mainly for high-income people, it offers its owner a set of additional services like instant cash payments in case of card loss. Card owners become a part of an international system of privileges and discounts, managed by Mastercard Worldwide.

Mastercard Gold with Contactless technology allows you to quickly pay for your purchases by simply tapping your card against the reader area on the terminal. There is no need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt, for purchases less than 1000 MDL, for purchases over 1000 MDL, you will be required enter your PIN (limits for PIN-free transactions vary from one country to another).


  • Accessibility – anyone, regardless of income level, may become the owner of such card;
  • Service – may be used at over 9 million commercial offices, over 1 million ATMs in more than 120 countries;
  • Respectability – this card emphasizes the owner's high-level income;
  • Additional opportunities – car and boat rent and/or booking a hotel room.