Types of cards

Guide regarding card selection

International systems of payments, in which Moldindconbank participates:

Card mark has to be chosen taking into account the following moments: 

  • Types of operations, averages of usage and regions where the card is planed to be used;
  • How much You are ready to pay for card service;
  • If the mark is accessible for this category of client (physical or legal person).

You should choose the currency of your account in dependence of the following moments: 

  • Regardless of the account currency, there are possible operations in different currencies, there is only the question regarding exchange charges;
  • Usually, is recommended the account currency to be the same as Your incomes currency;
  • During payments by card in countries where the national currency is another one than EURO or USD, there are performed the following conversions:

    • From account currency => into lei,
    • From lei  => into dollars,
    • From dollars  => into the national currency;

That is why, in case when the card shall be used abroad for operations in EURO or other currencies, is recommended the account to be opened in lei in order to avoid the double conversion of currencies;

  • If the card is supposed to be used for transfers from abroad, is recommended to choose the account value according to the currency of the transfers;
  • If the card will be replenished by the client especially for use in the Republic of Moldova at ATMs and commercial offices, is more advantageous to open the card with the account in lei.

Tariffs: Every issued card is attributed to a tariff plan (colon from Tariffs). By the tariff plan there are defined all the conditions of the bank card issue and management, commission charges, limits and other conditions.