Tender for procurement of PSD2 solution implementation services


BC „Moldindconbank” SA announces tender launch for procurement of PSD2 solution implementation services.

Minimum participation requirements:

  • A minimum of experience in the field for at least 3 years. Lack of involvement in liquidation procedures (reorganization), insolvency or other ways of stopping the activity;
  • Holding an account at BC „Moldindconbank” S. A., in case of tender winning an account has to be opened.

Additional requirements for participants:

  • The offer will be complete for every position;
  • Price offer has to include fee and tax expenses, according to legislation in force.
  • Price offer according to the requirements mentioned in the specifications;
  • Excerpt from the State Register of enterprises (copy);
  • Activity authorization/license (copy) ;
  • The “Know-Your-Partner” Application Form completed by the participant;
  • Declaration for BC „Moldindconbank” S.A. on ethical conduct and non-involvement in fraudulent and corrupt practices.

Evaluation of preposition:

  • Evaluation criteria: The evaluation criteria are mentioned in the specification.
  • The proposition will be examined confidentially and the winner will be the company whose offer will meet the established evaluation criteria;
  • The Bank regarding tender results, at the end of visited procedure, will inform the candidates.
  • The Bank reserves the right not to inform the company about materials presented by other competitor;
  • The Bank has the right to reject any proposition or all propositions and to abandon the tender at any time before the agreement with the named winner have been signed, being exempted from any responsibilities to the participants or third parties.

Presentation of the preposition

  • The offer must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Bank's headquarters at the address: MD-2012, 38 Armeneasca Street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, no later than 09.10.2023.
  • The envelope must be signed as follows:

Company „____________________________” participation proposition in the tender of PSD2 solution implementation services.

The envelope with the offer has to be sent by post or by courier.

The Bank confirms its availability to answers all questions that may arise during the working period upon the proposition. During preparation work, you may contact us by: +373 67554849;  +373 22-57689   Logistica@micb.md.

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