The bank's Strategy

Bank mission

To provide our clients with high quality and innovative bank products and services, aimed to increase our client’s progress and shareholder’s value.

Basic principles of the Bank

Moldindconbank – key bank of the Moldovan banking system

  • Moldindconbank - one of the biggest banks in Moldova
  • Moldindconbank - a bank with rich history and traditions
  • Moldindconbank - a bank with a well-developed branch network
  • Moldindconbank - bank of systemic importance

Moldindconbank – a universal bank, that provides competitive financial services

  • Moldindconbank provides services to all types of clients
  • Moldindconbank offers a wide range of banking and financial services
  • Moldindconbank provides an individual approach for each client

Moldindconbank – a partner for our clients' business

  • Moldindconbank – a consultant and assistant in our clients' business
  • Moldindconbank – a loyal and reliable partner for its clients
  • Moldindconbank – open and transparent in our relationship with clients
  • Moldindconbank – a bank responsive to the individual needs of its customers

Moldindconbank – an efficient bank

  • Moldindconbank evaluates and reduces risks
  • Moldindconbank maintains a balance between expenditure and income
  • Moldindconbank ensures maximum returns on capital

Moldindconbank – an innovative bank

  • Moldindconbank constantly modernizes and improves information technologies
  • Moldindconbank implements advanced technologies, launches new banking services
  • Moldindconbank optimizes business processes and the organizational structure

Moldindconbank – a bank with high social responsibility

  • Moldindconbank promotes national values in our society
  • Moldindconbank supports culture, art and Moldovan sports
  • Moldindconbank provides financial support to socially vulnerable people

Main strategic goal

Ensure financial stability and strengthen our position in the banking market, based on an adaptive policy to internal and external factors, improve quality and risk management measures with the main purpose to increase the efficiency of the Bank and its capitalization.

Objectives and priority directions

General objectives

  • Ensure financial stability of the Bank in accordance with the best international practices
  • Strengthen and maintain our positions in the banking market
  • Maintain sufficient financial reserves to handle risks in situations of economic uncertainty
  • Enhance the banks' image and develop its brand
  • Implement the best corporate governance practices

Bank Capital

  • Attract a strategic investor, with a shareholding of over 50% of the bank's capital
  • Increase bank capitalization
  • Ensure an optimal capital for the proper functioning of the bank

Banking products and services

  • Develop and enhance the competitiveness of bank products and services
  • Develop client management practices based on our clients' goals and individual needs
  • Apply the most modern and effective tools to promote banking products and services
  • Increase sales of non-credit products, particularly through remotely managed channels

Attract financial resources

  • Create a stable and diversified base of financial resources
  • Continue our cooperation with international financial institutions, investment funds and foreign banks in order to attract external resources accessible on foreign markets
  • Promote an active policy of attracting financial resources available on the local market by promoting a wide range of deposits and other financial instruments

Develop distribution channels for banking products and services

  • Maintain the first place on the market by number of territorial subdivisions
  • Continue the expansion of our network of territorial subdivisions in areas of high economic potential
  • Monitor and improve the efficiency of existing subdivisions of the bank
  • Develop technologies for remote customer service
  • Expand the bank card service network (ATM’s, POS-terminals)
  • Diversify distribution channels to increase the number of clients

Risk Management

  • Implement the recommendations of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
  • Implement the best practices of risk management
  • Intensify activities of risk prevention and risk management by optimizing all internal procedures and processes
  • Develop control mechanisms and strengthen the asset portfolio

Banking Information Technologies

  • Constant modernization of information technologies
  • Automatize banking processes in order to minimize the bank's operational costs and optimize business processes
  • Provide modern banking equipment and computers to all subdivisions

Human resources policy

  • Orient human resource management in the direction of increasing employee productivity
  • Motivate employees based on their results
  • Employee training in areas such as selling techniques and providing the best service to clients
  • Develop corporate team spirit

Social philanthropic-activity

  • Provide financial aid to vulnerable categories of society
  • Support projects in cultural fields, arts and the national sports
  • Support activities that preserve and promote national values
  • Promote financial literacy among citizensi