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General Banking Conditions for legal entities
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„MICB SMS-Business” service provides instant notification via SMS and e-mail about your transactions as and when it happens. Every debit or credit in your account over a limit desired by you is notified by SMS.

You get an instant SMS with useful information about date, time, account, currency, amount and your balance account after every transaction.

Additional information are sent by e-mail and contain details about destination of operations and partner's name.

„SMS-Business” benefits:

  • 24/24 supervision of your accounts;
  • Safety and instantly notification about transactions;
  • Possibility to set a defined limit and get notifications only for over amount.  

You can choose from a variety of „SMS-Business” packs:

  • 25 SMS monthly service pack.
  • 50 SMS monthly service pack.
  • 100+ SMS monthly service pack.
Denomination Description Charge
  Subscription  FREE
 Packs and charges  Paid monthly, at the beginning of the month, for next period
 SMS Pack 25  25 SMS /month  15 MDL/ 0,60 extra-message
 SMS Pack 50  50 SMS /month  25 MDL/ 0,50 extra-message
 SMS Pack 100+  100 SMS /month  40 MDL/ 0,40 extra-message

Subscription is easy: simply fill in the application form at any Moldindconbank subdivision and indicate a mobile phone number (Orange, Moldcell, Unite) and a valid e-mail address.