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ATM user guide (RO)

Electronic services

SMS-notifications (OTP)

SMS-notifications - clients information service via SMS messages sent to the mobile phone about transactions made through payment card and on card account.

Who can benefit from SMS notifications? Any holder of the Moldindconbank payment card.

The received messages contain information about the transaction amount, date, time, place (trader) and balance available as a result of the transaction.

In what situations do you receive SMS notifications?

  • Carrying out transactions with the card (cash withdrawl, payment, balance view or mini-statement, etc.);
  • Filling of the card account (salary, cash or receipt of transfer etc.);
  • Rejected transactions (wrong PIN, insufficient funds, etc.);
  • Other situations described in Annex nr. 1 in Terms of service "SMS Notifications".

Advantages of the service:

  • Instantly informing about your account being filled with money;
  • Reducing the risk of fraud through real-time monitoring of transactions;
  • Whenever you have the information about the amount available in your account;
  • Monitoring the use of money means;
  • Monitoring the transactions made with the card/ secondary cards attached to the card account.

Some situations where the "SMS notifications" service can help you:

  • „I am immediately aware of the salary transferred to my account”
  • „In the supermarket I did not have the means to pay for the purchase - from my SMS I am aware about my balance and I know what I have to get out of the basket”
  • „I want to know my balance - I just look at the last message”
  • „My card is stolen - I find the first attempt to use the card and I immediately call the Support Service to block it”
  • „The waiter told me that the transaction did not work, but I can see from the SMS that the amount of the money was taken out of the account”

How can the service be accesed?

  • Change of package, phone number or cancellation of subscription can be made at any ATM or Moldindconbank office..
  • Service fee is charged upon subscription, change of package and on the first day of each calendar month according to Tariffs in force.
  • For every SMS message received after the number of messages included in the package has been exhausted, a fee is charged, according to the Tariffs in force.