Electronic services

On-line card statement

The electronic card account statement provides the card owner quick access to the following information:

  • available amount on the card account;
  • last transactions carried out by card.

Service activation may be performed:

By phone:

  • Choose a password;
  • Call 022 54 89 40 (available 24/24);
  • Answer the questions of the Support Service;
  • Communicate the password you have chosen.

At any MICB branch:

  • Fill in the Application;
  • Submit the application at any Moldindconbank branch.

This service is free!

Access to the mini-statement - In the login field enter the card number and the password you have chosen.

If you no longer need to access the mini-statement, you can fill in an Application of cancelling the service.

If you have a new/different card it's necessary to activate the service for the new card because the card number will be used as a login in the process of online authentication.