Electronic services

Cash-In by Code

Cash-In by Code - service for charging the payment card with cash at the Bank's Cash-In ATMs by scaning the barecode generated in the MICB Mobile Banking application.

The barecode is the graphical and secure form of the card number thet can be separately generated for each card by mobile app.


  • The service is for free.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Allows the card account to be quickly charged (in seconds).

How do you use Cash-In by Code?

1.  Acces the MICB Mobile Banking app, select „Cards and Accounts”, from the main menu, choose the source card from your list of cards.

2.  Type "Cash-In by Code" in „Services”. The application will generate the barcode that will be used to charge the *card account.

3. The barcode can be saved on the phone by typing the "Save Barcode" or sent to a third person via "Forward Barcode".

4.   Charging the card account through the barcode can be only made at ATMs with barcode reader.

*Daily charging limit of the card account by „Cash-In by Code” service – is 14 000 MDL (equivalent in foreign currency).

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