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Electronic services

Cash by Code

Cash by Code - cash withdrawal service at Moldindconbank ATMs without the physical card, using the generated code or mobile phone.

Cash by Code is available for FREE in Web Banking and Mobile Banking.

In what situations does it help?

  • You do not have the card ready to hand, but you need to withdraw cash urgently;
  • You want to quickly provide to a trusted person (relative, friend, colleague) the opportunity to withdraw money from your account.

How to use Cash by Code?

1.  In the "Cards and Accounts" menu in Web Banking or Mobile Banking, select the card source from your card list.

2.  Select "Generate code for CashByCode". In Mobile Banking, click on "Services", then "CashByCode".

3.  Check the source card, specify the transaction amount and currency (MDL / USD / EUR).

4.  Confirm the operation by entering the disposable password (SMS / ATM / Mobile OTP). If you have set the access code in Mobile Banking, confirmation of the transaction will not be requested.

5.  The system will automatically generate the special code that will be displayed on your device (numeric format and graphic format).

6.  Communicate or send to the beneficiary the numeric or barcode, the amount and currency of the transaction.

7.  The beneficiary can withdraw cash at any Bank ATM. Withdrawal of cash based on barcode can be made only at ATMs that have barcode reader.

Tariffs and limits*

  • The "Cash by Code" service is instantly available in three currencies MDL, USD / EUR.
  • Minimum amount: 20 MDL, 10 USD / EUR.
  • Maximum amount per transaction: 3,000 MDL, 300 USD / EUR.
  • The code is available 24 hours from its generation.
*Applies in accordance with Tariffs and limits for bank cards.

For more details see: Terms of Use of the "Cash by Code" Service.