Electronic services

3D-Secure (OTP)


The 3D-Secure Service – the highest standard of security offered to Moldindconbank cardholders, which involves the authorization of the transaction with a unique password, generated additionally, whenever an Internet payment is made to traders certified to this service.

The 3D-Secure service is accessible on websites displaying the MasterCard Secure Code logo for Mastercard Worldwide and Verified by Visa for the Visa International payment system.

How do you enable 3D-Secure?

Activation occurs when the Internet transaction is made, by registering the card issued in the holder's name and by further identifying the cardholder by one of the following methods:

  • SMS Authentication – with the password sent by SMS, to the mobile phone number recorded in the Bank's database.
  • Mobile Authentication – with the password generated in the MICB Mobile-Banking application installed on the cardholder's mobile phone.
  • ATM Authentication –with the password displayed in the list of one-time passwords generated at any Moldindconbank ATM.

Connecting and using 3D-Secure is available to Moldindconbank cardholders FOR FREE!


  • For transactions on sites that support the 3D-Secure standard, confirmation of transactions is mandatory with unique password generated by one of the above methods (SMS / Mobile / ATM).
  • For successful activation of the service, make sure that you have informed the Bank of the mobile phone number to which you can receive an SMS with the disposable password.
  • Activation of the 3D-Secure Service should only be performed by the cardholder. If the customer does not successfully complete the identification process, the bank reserves the right to refuse to activate the service.
  • The cardholder must ensure the up-to-date information to be used by the bank for identification while making transactions on the Internet.
  • During the activation of the 3D-Secure service, the cardholder confirms that he / she has become acquainted and agrees with:


    How do you use 3D-Secure abroad?

    If you are on a trip abroad and access to your personal phone number is limited, you can do Internet transactions using 3D-Secure using one of the following authentication methods:

    • Mobile OTP –by activating the MICB Mobile-Banking application in advance and setting the access code,
    • ATM OTP – by obtaining the unique password list in advance at one of the Moldindconbank ATMs.

    How do you use 3D-Secure safely?

    • Keep bank cards and their data in such a way that they are not accessible to third parties.
    • In the case of receiving messages with disposable passwords by SMS, make sure that third parties do not have access to them.
    • In the case of Mobile-Banking authentication, restrict third-party access to your mobile phone as well as the mobile application.
    • In the case of authentication at ATMs, make sure that third parties do not have access to the list of disposable passwords.

    How do you protect your personal data?

    • Protect your personal computer/ mobile phone with special security software, antivirus software, restrict third-party acces to devices, and other information protection methods.
    • Do not copy or keep one-time passwords in the place where they will be available to third parties.
    • MMonitor transactions on your card account excerpts regulary.

    How do you do if your personal data were stolen?

    • In the case of SMS – it is necessary to modify/ delete the telephone number in the Bank's database via the SMS- Notification Service at the ATM or by calling the Card Support Service +373 22 54 89 40 (available 24/24).
    • In the Mobile case – to change the access password in the mobile application, or to inform the Card Support Service to suspend access to the application.
    • In the case of ATM – you need to generate a new list of disposable passwords or cancel the existing password list by calling the Card Support Service.

    With 3D-Secure Internet payments are absolutely safe!