Card rules

Basic conditions regarding card issuing and card servicing

  • The minimum age of clients who wish to open a card account and receive a payment card: 14 years, but only if the client holds an identity card
  • Card issuing timetable: 2-5 working days for Chisinau offices, for other regions the timetable is communicated on request (and varies depending on card status and region)
  • Card validity period, fees and charges applied for card issuing, additional operations and services, interest calculation method for the card account: Fees and charges

Documents required for card opening, card issuing and reissuing, providing other services:

Conditions and instructions of usage

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Card account and the attached card operation rules (Ro)
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Conditions of use "MICB Web-Banking",
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Instructions of use "MICB Web-Banking",
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 Conditions of use "MICB Mobile-Banking"
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Instructions of use "MICB Mobile-Banking"
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Conditions of use "P2P.MICB" service
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Conditions of use - Premium Services of Exclusive Package
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Conditions of use "3D-Secure" service
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Guide on use of Moldindconbank ATMs