Credit card - perfect for any purchase!


Buy everything you want with your credit card from Moldindconbank, anytime and anywhere. You pay interest ONLY for the period and amount you use and you benefit from a grace period of up to 60 days.

Why credit card?

  • Buy anytime and anything, at any merchant in the country or abroad, within the credit line.
  • Zero commissiont for any card payment, online or at merchants.
  • You have up to 60 days of grace, during which you don’t pay any interest.
  • You choose how much money you repay monthly, but not less than 5% of the used credit.
  • Repay the money easily, by P2P transferor at any Cash-In ATM.

The offer of Moldindconbank credit cards

* Preferential customers - individuals with good credit history and / or individuals receiving salary and / or pension through BC Moldindconbank S.A. cards.

**Depending on the type of the card choosen. See the tariffs for service of Moldindconbank cards.

Promotion! Until 31.12.2021 open a Moldindconbank CREDIT* card and have ZERO lei card account administration fee in the first 12 months. Enjoy the promotion right now.
*Promotion valid for cards from Basic, Silver, Gold and Exclusive categories (except Elite package).

How do you refund the money?

  • during the active period: 5% of the loan amount used, monthly, by the end of the month,
  • during the passive period: 5% - 10% of the credit balance recorded at the beginning of the passive period, depending on the choosen card,
  • interest rate: on loan used - monthly, by the end of the month.

IMPORTANT! If you fully reimburce the money you use during the grace period, you dont pay interest.


Who can benefit from a credit card?


1.  Resident of Moldova (citizen of RM, foreign citizen or person without citizenship), with permanent residence in R. M., who:
      •  holds the appropriate identity document, issued by the competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova, valid at the time of requesting the credit.
2.  Age between 20 - 70 years (the maximum age until which the credit is refunded).
3.  Employed in the field of work, with 4 months probation period.
Note: Except pensioners and those who give the lease of movable / immovable property.
4.  Ownership of real estate (dwelling, construction or agricultural land, gardens) in property without prohibition (if the held loans are in the amount of more than 100 000 MDL).


What are the necessary documents?


1.  Identity card, valid.
2.   At least one of the following documents that prove the incomes:
      •  Extract from the salary card account (issued by any bank in the Republic of Moldova), or
      •  Information received from the State Tax Service, or
      •  The salary certificate, or
      •  The pensioner's card with the compulsory indication of the current pension, or the statement from the account in which the pension is paid
      •  As appropriate, may be accepted other documents.
3.  Upon necessity, the bank may request additional documents.


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