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Moldindconbank – the most trusted bank in Moldova!


According to the latest independent survey of the banking system in Moldova, the citizens of our country have expressed the greatest confidence in the services provided by Moldindconbank. The survey was developed by the marketing research company „Magenta Consulting

The interviewed citizens were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 5, their level of trust in the safety of bank services in Moldova. Of the 993 respondents, 47% said they had full confidence in the services provided by Moldindconbank, positioning the bank as a leader in the banking sector.

The results from this survey, together with the numerous titles and awards attributed to the bank, confirm once more the reputation and leading position held by Moldindconbank in the Moldovan banking sector. Since its foundation, Moldindconbank has registered successful financial performance indicators, introduced some of the most innovative banking services, developed the largest banking network in the country and has contributed to the financial literacy of Moldovan citizens.

Moldindconbank thanks its clients for their confidence and support!

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