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The Chairman of the Managing Board of BC "Moldindconbank" S.A. Mr. Leonid Talmaci was awarded the honorary title "Banker of the Year 2015”, in the 8th annual Gala, organized by the company "Teleradio-Moldova ".

The title has been given to BC „Moldindconbank” S.A. Chairman for the remarkable results achieved during the year 2015, by strengthening the Bank’s leadership positions, for efficiency and performance in banking, promoting financial education through seminars in all the districts of the country, and also for implementing the most innovative banking services designed to bring comfort and convenience to clients.

"The "Banker of the Year 2015" award is very honorable for me and, of course, for Moldindconbank. Even if I was given the award personally, it’s actually a success of the whole team I lead. I want to thank all my colleagues for their contributions and to share this award with them” mentioned Mr. Talmaci, President of Moldindconbank.

The Gala took place on December 22, 2015 in the premises of the National Company "Teleradio-Moldova", the annual award show is held traditionally at the end of the year.

We remind you that for the second consecutive year, Moldindconbank is awarded in the Gala, previously being awarded the title "Company of the Year 2014", nomination "Bank of the Year 2014”.

The numerous titles attributed to the bank confirm the reputation and leading position held by Moldindconbank on the Moldovan banking market due to high performance indicators, innovative banking services, the development of the largest banking network and increasing financial literacy of Moldovan citizens.

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