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Global Finance: „Moldindconbank - the most innovative bank”



Moldindconbank was named ,,The most innovative bank” by the prestigious American magazine Global Finance in the annual listing of the most innovative banks and fintech companies in treasury and transaction processing „The Innovators 2015”.

The designation by the Global Finance experts of a bank in the innovations category is a premiere for Moldova, where Moldindconbank is placed alongside 15 other banks around the world, such as: Bank of America Merrill Lynch (USA), Commerzbank (Germany), HDFC Bank (India) and Akbank (Turkey).

Announcing the results of the study "The Innovators 2015” on April 30, the editorial director of Global Finance, Mr. Joseph D. Giarraputo said: "These firms are not just advancing rapidly, they are changing rules of the game."

All selections were made by the editorial board of Global Finance in collaboration with international experts to evaluate those banks that stand out for their transformative products and solutions.

Commenting the obtained distinction, Leonid Talmaci, Chairman of Moldindconbank Managing Board, stated: “This award not only honors us, but it also commits us to continue investing in new technologies and innovative products. The prize of the most innovative bank is provided by world-renowned magazine that cooperates with international experts, therefore represents objective assessment of our performance in this area. We are proud that Moldindconbank team work is recognized and we will work further with the same professionalism and quality, putting customer needs on first place."

Thus, besides the title "The best bank in Moldova" now Moldindconbank is declared "The most innovative bank", as a result of recently launching the following electronic services on the market:

The Moldindconbank strategy provides further launching of innovative services and development of infrastructure for customer service.

***Global Finance is a prestigious issued monthly international magazine headquartered in New York, with readers in nearly 170 countries. With over 20 years of tradition, it offers articles, reviews and financial rankings that are highly appreciated globally. The mission of the publication is to help with the provided information leading corporations, banks and investors, to make accurate esteems and decisions.

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