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Now you can manage remotely card limits!


From November 19, 2014, you can manage simply and quickly the limits of the transactions made with your card.

The new service is available in the MICB Web Banking system and allows the owner of the card account to manage any time the limits for both cards issued on its behalf as well as on behalf of other people who are attached to own account.

Thus, Moldindconbank customers will be able to establish independently and absolutely free the limits of money debiting from account:

Total limits (daily / monthly) for all transactions made with the card regardless of the type and region;

Limits on types of transactions (daily) such as:
•   Non-cash transactions with card presence (Moldova / abroad)
•   Non-cash transactions and without card presence (Moldova, except MICB Web Banking / abroad)
•   Transactions at ATMs, set implicitly by  tariffs.

Please note that Moldindconbank cardholders can access internet banking services free: >>MICB Web Banking<<.

You can subscribe to the system by:
•   on-line – using access password received via SMS to mobile phone number indicated in the bank application for card issuing, or
•   by atm – using the card and the PIN to get the login and the access password;

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