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JSCB Moldinconbank celebrates 23 years of the reorganization of the joint stock company


On October 25, 2014 JSCB Moldinconbank marks 23 years since its reorganization in a joint stock company. On this occasion, JSCB Moldinconbank congratulates all customers, shareholders and employees, thanking them for their support and confidence they have shown throughout its activity.

The day of 25 October 1991 signifies the beginning of a defining stage in the successful evolution that JSCB Moldindconbank demonstrated during the 55 years from its foundation, but decisive step forward was made exactly 23 years ago when the Bank undertook a comprehensive restructuring of its work to align to the highest standards characteristic to a modern financial institutions.
Today Moldinconbank is one of the leading banks in Moldova and one of the largest 100 banks in Southeastern Europe (86th place), managing the second largest volume of assets - 12.0 billion lei (14.7% market share) and the second largest loan portfolio - 7.9 billion lei (17.3% market share) among domestic banks, generating for the first nine months of current year the highest net profit of 287.5 million lei.

Meanwhile JSCB Moldinconbank achieved the development of one of the most efficient bank management system, which for the second consecutive year, registers record financial performance indicators: ROE (Return on Equity) - 25.9% and ROA (Return on Assets) – 3,2%, results that are highly appreciated and confirmed both by local experts (EVM consulting agency, magazine 'Bănci și Profit ') and by international (American magazine Global Finance, financial agency SeeNews Top100SEE etc.) in the various rankings and expert reviews.

All these achievements are due primarily to the trust of over 330,000 its existent customers, the support of about 900 shareholders, and loyalty of over 1,000 professional employees, who together managed to create a performant, efficient and truly modern  Bank able to reply to contemporary challenges and opportunities.

Moldinconbank perfectly understands the responsibility and duty to continue its development strategy by creating sustainable partnership relations with the society and its clients, based on qualitative services, honesty, transparency and hard work for the development of the economy and the community in which we live.
Nowdays Moldinconbank is an universal financial institution that offers a wide range of banking products and services to all categories of customers through one of the most developed banking network (122 Subdivisions) located throughout the Republic of Moldova.

*** Moldinconbank began its activity on 1 July 1959 as a subsidiary of Stroibank in USSR, the basic tasks of which were financing the construction of industrial objects, enterprises of energy, road lines. On 25 October 1991 the Bank was reorganized into Joint Stock Company.

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