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Moldindconbank launched a new service Web-Banking!


From September 24th, 2014 Moldindconbank customers have new advantages with the new distance service system- Web-Banking.

Now using the new web-banking, you have the possibility to make as many distant operations as it is possible, very easy using a computer or a laptop connected to the internet available.

The new modification’s aim is to offer customers who own a Moldindconbank card a positive experience in using the cards at distance, giving them a big number of new and helpful possibilities for a dynamic lifestyle.

Therefore, beside the standard functions as viewing the information about your account balance, on-line payment of your bills, review of your transactions history, you will have the possibility to benefit from many other e-services, like: Cash Transfer between cards (P2P), Instant lock/unlock of the cards and etc.

Also, The way to apply for the Web-Banking system, was modified, for a more comfortable use by customers, which can be done for free on any computer, or by using any Moldindconbank  ATM.

For more details about Web-Banking system, access here or call for any advices at customer support (24/24) – TEL. 022 548940.

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