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Letter of Gratitude to BC “Moldindconbank” S.A.


The day of the 1st September is an important holiday to all of us, because in this special day we relive the memories of our first day in school. In this crucial moment the younger generation steps into the kingdom of knowledge that will mark and define their future personality, and their professors and relatives are, and will always be there to support them. On this occasion, realizing the significance of this celebration, Moldindconbank always tries to fund various projects in order to be closer to pupils and teachers who are involved in day to day activity of educating young generations.

Thus, during the years 2013 - 2014 Moldindconbank supported both morally and financially the Theoretical Lyceum “Minerva” by acquiring necessary equipment like: musical devices, microphones, computers, and also by renovating the roof, the fence and the gate of the institution.

On September 1st, the BC „Moldindconbank” S.A. personnel was inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of the disciples of this school that sent a Letter of Gratitude to our Bank and mentioned the following: “We express our deepest respect and admiration for the sincere and selfless collaboration between our institutions. The partnership relation between Theoretical Lyceum “Minerva” and BC „Moldindconbank” S.A. is an opportunity for us, the students, because this combined effort offers us a chance to receive a better education, in better conditions. We express our admiration for the actions that you perform to develop the younger generation, and assure you that the investments that you make today, will enhance your Success through generations.”

The BC „Moldindconbank” S.A. wishes all the students from Theoretical Lyceum “Minerva”, to have a lot of perseverance and ambition to achieve their goals, their parents to have patience and their professors to have a lot of dedication and appreciation for the colossal work that they accomplish.

Financing projects of social responsibility is part of the Bank's tradition of giving and social responsibility is a value not only in the core business, but also in everyday life. For these reasons, Moldindconbank is involved in developing our community by funding various projects in domains like education, culture, sport and social.

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