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Moldindconbank - cares about the health and safety of its employees


On December 10th 2013, BC Moldindconbank S.A. efforts on ensuring the security and health of its employees were highly appreciated and it became the winner of the contest "The best enterprise in the area of security and health at work".

The event was organized by Federation of Workers' Unions in the banking and insurance institutions (SIBA) with the support of the Confederation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands under the project "Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation".

The competition was held during a year and started with the analysis of the compliance of the Law on safety and health at work in eight commercial banks and five insurance companies in Moldova.

Our specialist in security and occupational health in the Human Resources Department Mr. Vasile Gropa, mentioned that during 2013, Moldindconbank spent over 650.000 MDL for the improvement of safety and health at work, 765 employees were provided with personal protective equipment and over 30 instructions were developed in this field.

It is important to mention that BC Moldindconbank S.A has 1055 employees and the total assets registered 11.8 billion in November 2013, making it one of the most productive banks in Moldova.

Moldindconbank employees represent the culture of our financial institution and the most valuable asset of the Bank. Professionalism, motivation and their ability to grow and achieve goals are the key factors of the overall success of Bank.


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