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Information to the card holders of Moldindconbank!


Now you can enjoy a convenient service offered by "Moldindconbank" SA - direct debit for card accounts held in BC "Moldindconbank" for credit card debts.

The monitoring procedure and timely repayment of the loan is simplified essential: the debt of credit issued by card it is automatically turns off from the amounts available on other card accounts held by you at BC "Moldindconbank".

As a result, you do not need to monitor the amount and date of payment of credit card debt. All you need is a debit card on which you get monthly salary transfers, money transfers or keep funds. Direct debiting of the amount will be carried out in the banking system automatically.

"Moldindconbank" SA takes care of your money and time!

For additional information please contact cards support service on telephone: 022 54-89-40


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