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Moldindconbank - the most profitable bank in Moldova


In the first half of 2013, net profit of banks in Moldova amounted to 488.8 million lei. According to the National Bank, at the same time, 369 million or 75.5% of total net profit of the banking system during this period was provided by three banks: Moldindconbank, Moldova Agroindbank and Victoriabank.

The highest net profit in January-June 2013 of 14 banks in the Republic of Moldova obtained Moldindconbank  -  132.98 million.

The second and third place among the most profitable banks in the country is held by Moldova Agroindbank and Victoribank whose net profit in the first half of the year amounted - 128.46 million and 107.49 million respectively.

Moldindconbank is on the first position at banking efficiency. According to the ranking of the efficiency developed by EVM Consulting Investment Consulting Agency in the first three months of the year the Moldindconbank has deposed leader position held by Moldova Agroindbank. The spectacular jump of Moldindconbank  was due to a very good result of efficiency indicator ROE (co-report - net income / equity capital).


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