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On June 13, 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine was the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the First International Contest "Trust Bank - 2013" organized by the magazine "Банкиръ". The competition involved banks from Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, the Baltic States, Georgia.

The event was organized by the publishing house "КБС-Издат " and journal " Банкиръ " BankersAccuity partner (U.S., UK) and member of the Association of Finance (Moscow).

In determining the winners of the contest organizers have evaluated the quality criteria of financial institutions: transparency, high level of customer confidence, positive business reputation, accessibility to information, availability of customer loyalty programs, quality banking products.

Successful activity of "Moldindconbank" was fair estimated by the contest organizers and it became winning to the nomination "Bank - leading on security deposits for individuals."
Oleg Kapralov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Director of Publishing "КБС-Издат" editor of "Банкиръ", the main objective of the competition is to highlight the current problems of the post-soviet economy, in particular on increasing confidence in banking system, increased the level of social responsibility in the banking sector and in the development of advanced banking technologies.

At the ceremony of awarding the best banks participate the representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, representatives of central banks from CIS countries, commercial and government banks from Ukraine and the CIS countries, political and business elite, diplomats accredited in Ukraine, customers and partners of the banks, and media representatives.


Information about the journal "Банкиръ"
International quarterly journal "Банкиръ" (Kiev, Ukraine) is one of the most popular trade publications for bank executives, financial executives, analysts, representatives of public authorities, embassies and consulates. "Банкиръ" addresses the problems of the financial sector of Ukraine, the CIS and the Baltic States and other countries.



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