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Moldindconbank offers to its customers a new money transfer system - Coinstar


Moldindconbank expands its range of international money transfer systems. The new money transfer system - Coinstar is in the top of three market leaders in international remittances, taking into account the number of participating countries, geographical location and the volume of transactions. Coinstar system provides money transfer services in their own service points, about more than 140 countries - the total network service points is 85.000, and also through its partners.

Through Coinstar money transfer system, BC "Moldindconbank" S.A. transfers can be made in U.S. dollars and EUR, which allows to customers to avoid the cost of conversion. As mentioned development director of Coinstar money transfer systems in CIS countries Artur Avanesyan: "The goal that we have set us is to make the service as convenient and practical for all our customers, so that customers do not be forced to go for money all over the town, this service should be accessible for everyone. In Moldova we cooperate with several banks and a partnership with your bank brings us closer to achieving our objective. "

Moldindconbank offers to its customers the possibility of using the new system of money transfer - Coinstar, in all over 100 subdivisions, located throughout the Republic of Moldova.

Coinstar system offer the possibility to send and receive money all around the world, without opening a bank account, through a developed network of service points worldwide.

The new money transfer system – Coinstar perform the money transfer during only a few minutes, using the latest information technologies. Information about the transfer made is immediately entered into the system so that the required data are processed within seconds.

Moldindconbank is leader in the local banking market in terms of remittances. Currently Moldindconbank offers to all its customers the opportunity to avail the 19 services of money transfer system.

In 2013 BC "Moldindconbank" S.A. start a traditional advertising campaign "Get money - Win a car!" organized for their clients who received or sent money transfers. The campaign is held during the period from 1 June 2013 to 31 May 2014, the grand prize is a car Skoda Fabia.


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