• Get money! Win car! – only in CB “Moldindconbank” JSC
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Get money! Win car! – only in CB “Moldindconbank” JSC


„Get money! Win a car!” is a traditional advertising campaign carried out by CB “Moldindconbank” JSC for its customers that use bank’s money transfer.

Advertising campaign „Get money - Win a car!” will be held from June 1, 2013 to Mai 31, 2014.

The campaign involved individuals who during the period of campaign are received or sent five transfers in the amount of 2000 MDL (the equivalent in foreign currency) through one of the existing systems of money transfers in any subdivision of CB “Moldindconbank” JSC and filled with a special coupon in conjunction with the operator of the Bank.

The Campaign Grand Prize - The car Skoda Fabia!

And also:

  • 3 bicycles;
  • 5 TVs LCD;
  • 10 video cameras;
  • 20 digital cameras;
  • In addition, 20 clients, the owners of the maximum number of coupons will receive special prix - nootbooks.

Additional information can be obtained in any subdivision of CB “Moldindconbank” JSC as well as by phone: 0 800 11111 (free of charge on the territory of the Republic of Moldova)

Official Terms of advertising campaigns „Get money - Win a car!”

At the moment in CB “Moldindconbank” JSC there are 19 international money transfer systems - Contact, MoneyGram, Leader, Быстрая Почта, Unistream, Близко, Золотая корона, Western Union, RIA Money Transfer, Avers, Anelik, Migom, IntelExperss, Coinstar, including exclusive - Strada Italia, Trabex, Turkiye Express, BESXpress, Grecia Transfer.


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