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The Jubilee - 21 Years - Success through generations!


October 25, 2012 BC "Moldindconbank" SA celebrates 21th anniversary of its successful activities in the banking market of the Republic of Moldova since the reorganization of the bank as a joint stock company. With this occasion, Moldindconbank sincerely congratulates all customers, employees and shareholders, thanking them all for their trust throughout its business.

Today BC "Moldindconbank" SA is one of the largest systemically important banks in the Republic of Moldova with a well developed infrastructure,  with established business relations and high reputation in the international financial market.

After 21 years of local market "Moldindconbank" has become an integral part of the economy, with a major contribution to the development of the banking system and of the entire country's economy. A productive and successful period for BC "Moldindconbank" SA., which clearly defined development strategy, has formed a team of professionals and, most importantly, has increased the number of loyal customers of the bank. Together with the Bank all these years, actively growing and developing customers who have always been and will be the most valuable achievement and pride of the Bank. Today the bank has a strong position in the banking market, offers the widest range of products and services for all types of customers through its regional network that includes more than 107 subdivisions.

With a long-term strategy and specific plans for the future BC "Moldindconbank" SA will continue its development as a universal and modern bank, having an individual approach to each client.


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