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The new system of money transfers from Moldindconbank


 Moldindconbank offers to his customers the opportunity to use the services of another money transfer system – Intel Express.

Intel Express is an international system of money transfers, which provides money transfer all over the world in U.S. dollars and Euro at the best prices on the market without opening a bank account.

At this moment Intel Express system is servicing 80 000 agents in 100 countries.

Intel Express Advantages:

Fast servicing and high reliability;

Low costs;

Service without bureaucracy and waiting;

High-tech software;

Severity in maintaining the confidentiality of customer information;

Speed ​​of delivery 15 minutes.

For money transfers Moldindconbank is the clear leader of banking field in Moldova. So far, Moldindconbank offers to the customers and to the residents of Moldova the possibility to use the services of 17 systems of fast money transfer, while the transfer fee offered by Moldindconbank - are the most convenient and profitable of  Moldova’s banking network.

For more information of the new system of money transfer, Intel Express, as well as other international transfer system, you can find right here



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