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Now - JSCB “Moldindconbank" - in Telenesti.


Today, August 21, 2012, CB “Moldindconbank” JSC opened a new agency in Telenesti. The new agency is situated on 7, 31 August Street.

In the new office JSCB “MOLDINDCONBANK" offers to its customers the range of banking services for individuals and legal persons namely for: placing deposits and receiving loans at the best conditions,payment for the following services: public utilities, gas, telephone, mobile phone, payments in state and local budgets, foreign exchange operations, and also customers can send or receive money through the following money transfer systems offered by JSCB “MOLDINDCONBANK": Strada Italia, Western Union, Быстрая Почта, Unistream, Contact, Turkie Express, Blizko, Trabex, BESXpress, Leader, Grecia Transfer, RIA Money Transfer, Avers, Anelik, MoneyGram, Intell Express, opening and servicing of banking cards.

The new branch will offer to the all interested the opportunity to benefit of electronic payment services by Internet  - "Web Client”.

Agency is open for the customers the agency is open from Monday to Friday, from 08.30 to 16.00, the break is from 13.00 to 14.00.

At the moment the JSCB “MOLDINDCONBANK" network branches is up to 104 subdivisions, which are located throughout the Republic of Moldova and continue to further develop.

JSCB “MOLDINDCONBANK" will continue its development direction as a modern and universal bank, offering to its customers the entire spectrum of banking services.


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