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Increased security and privacy - safekeeping from Moldindconbank


Moldindconbank offers the opportunity to rent safe cells with only 80 lei monthly.

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Safe cells offers the opportunity to keep values ​​safe, in the best conditions and to have access to them when you want.

Moldindconbank appreciate your trust and:

Guarantees maximum safety

Your money and valuables will be safe in the best conditions. Safes are equipped with modern security systems and have several degrees of protection, including electronic chip based on note cards and an automatic fire extinguishing gas.

We assure you our full Privacy

Bank guarantee strict confidentiality. Information on values ​​to be kept in the safe will be known only by you. At the time in the contract is not mentioned that you will keep in the safe. The Bank also offers a separate room to place values ​​in the safe. Any representative of the Bank can not access to yuor safe contents.

Customers that will pay the fee anticipated forthe safe cell lease period of 12 months, will receive safe cell rent during the 13th month - IS FREE!


 We expect you on the adress: 9/1, Kiev Street , Chisinau. Tel: 49-31-95


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