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Moldindconbank opened a new branch in Chisinau


JSCB”Moldindconbank” opened a new branch in Chisinau witch is situated in sector Riscani, on Kiev str., 9/1. Branch "Kiev" propose to all clients a full set of modern bank services and products.

In the new office of JSCB “MOLDINDCONBANK" customers can pay for the following services: public utilities, gas, telephone, mobile phone, payments in state and local budgets. Also customers can send or receive money through the following money transfer systems offered by JSCB “MOLDINDCONBANK": Strada Italia, Western Union, Быстрая Почта, Unistream, Contact, Turkie Express, Blizko, Trabex, BESXpress, Leader, Grecia Transfer, RIA Money Transfer, Avers, Anelik.

With the new branch of JSCB”Moldindconbank” in the area, the economic entrepreneurs will be able to access a wide range of financial products.

This is a part of a comprehensive project of territorial promotion tackled by JSCB ”Moldindconbank”, which intends to set up further units located in the main areas of the country in order to enable economic entrepreneurs to apply for bank’s products and services in an easy and handy way.

Once branch “Kiev” is opened, JSCB”Moldindconbank” is represented on a national scale by its 61 offices located in the main areas of the country.

The year 2009 is anniversary for the CB “Moldindconbank” JSC, which is 50 years. The Bank intends to continue to maintain the statute of a secure financial institution, which elaborates and offers to its customers the most convenient and attractive products.

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