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On May, 19th, 2008, at the central office BC "Moldindconbank" S.A. Has passed the final draw within the limits of the promotion campaign – «GOLD INGOT to the DEPOSIT». Here the list of winners:

1.       Cotic Natalia, branch Invest

2.       Condrea Liliana, branch Bălţi

3.       Curleac Vasile, branch Leova

4.       Luncasu Elizaveta, branch Invest

5.       Cromin Irina, branch Centru

6.       Mir Nina, branch Remiz

7.       Cujba Liubovi, branch Ungheni

8.       Timoftica Elizaveta, branch Invest

9.        Sit Suzana, branch Centru

10.    Pocrovschi Lilia, branch Căuşeni

11.    Rusu Luchian, branch Căuşeni

12.    Gamaiunov Olga, branch Remiz

13.    Chicus Dumitru, branch Orhei

14.    Conotopscaia Galina, branch Străşeni

15.    Prepelita Oleg, branch Invest

16.    Cusnir Lavreti, branch Centru

17.    Lisa Gheorghe, branch Căuşeni

18.    Lungu Ghenadie, branch Remiz

19.    Hanciu Snejana, branch Centru

20.    Prepelita Anatolie, branch Soroca

21.    Dumitrasco Alexandru, branch Centru

22.    Petrenco Alevtina, branch Telecomtrans

23.    Rotaru Natalia, branch Invest

24.    Trofim Boris, branch Centru

25.    Ciolacu Ana, branch Hînceşti

26.    Andrusceac Olga, branch Centru

27.    Tiron Eugenia, branch Floreşti

28.    Apostol Dumitru, branch Remiz

29.    Sestacovschi Petru, branch Hînceşti

30.    Gheorghita Liudmila, branch Rezina

31.    Beldiman Vasilii, branch Centru

32.    Pronicev Vera, branch Orhei


The promotional campaign «GOLD INGOT to the DEPOSIT» has come to end. At the drawing participate the BC “Moldindconbank” SA depositors, which had placed their money on a deposit at term of minimum 12 months period and at minimum amount of 5000 lei (or its equivalent in foreign currency).


The main prize of the promotion – a gold ingot with weight - 100 grammes – will pass into the possession of mrs. Pronicev Vera, Orhei branch.


Our congratulations!


BC “Moldindconbank” SA - The dreams come thrue!

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