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JSCB “Moldindconbank” issues credits according to “Youth Economical Support National Program (YESNP)”



According to this program, bank issues credits on following conditions:


·          Age of 18-30 inclusive, at the moment of credit contracting. The age condition must be mandatory satisfied by all founders of the company.

·          Citizens of the Republic of Moldova;

·          Practicing entrepreneur activity in:

- any legal organizational form;
- rural sector (excluding Chisinau and Baltsy cities, including Chisinau and Baltsy municipality).


Credit characteristics:

            Maximal loan amount - 300 000 MDL inclusive grant;

            Maturity - maximal 60 months;

            Loan currency - Moldavian leu

            Annual interest rate - 11,8% floatable, changeable semiannually,

with commission – 0,5%;

Grant element - 40% of the loan amount, in terms of using the loan minimum 2 years.


Loan purpose:

Financing of:

·          priority: production purposes (acquisition of equipment and tools used to develop the rural sector);

·          ulterior: services in rural sector.

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