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The TA Project of IFC/RIAS for MICB has ended.

Today, June 25, 2003 took place the official closeout of the IFC technical assistance agreement. The IFC TA was intended for "Moldindconbank" S.A. through the mediation of the advisory company RIAS BV, a subsidiary of Rabobank Group (The Netherlands). “The technical assistance agreement” was signed in August year 2000 and extended for about tree years. Within the framework of the project, RIAS experts and consultants visited the bank. In the project activity were involved about 200 bank employees and two teams of MICB employees visited The Netherlands for RIAS theoretical training courses and Rabobank practical courses. The project contents is as follows:  Bank strategy  Credit activity  Financial management  Branch management  Client Relationship Management (CRM)  Marketing  Internal audit  Business process redesign  Informational technologies. Within the project, the bank implemented the following new activities:  The strategic plan elaboration for years 2001-2003. The plan corresponds to current financial institution requirements.  The reorganization of bank structure. In December year 2002 the new organizational structure was implemented, based on Client Relationship Management (CRM) model. As a result, the previous central bank divided separately its management functions and client service commercial functions. The last are focused into a new branch – “Centru”. In the issue, the branch “Centru” obtained important financial indices growth for 2003 year.  Credit activity improvement. Review of policies and procedures on granting of loans, issuance of a credit manual.  ALCO committee establishment, which monitor bank assets and liabilities for the purpose of risks minimization.  Branch management improvement. With this aim, the “Branch monitoring Division” was established. Its function consists in monitoring branch activity, provide methodological and administrative support of branch office activity, and perform the intermediary function between all branch offices and Central Office.  The electronic services implementation as a basis for banking services development. The project is in line of development and "Moldindconbank" S.A. forsees and is whiling to implement the following activities:  Review and redesign of the "Moldindconbank" S.A. existing processes for improving their efficiency.  IT development: implementation of corporate network, electronic service development, and Management Information System establishment.  Profit Centers development: allowing the evaluation of every department and each employee contribution into the bank activity results.  CRM (Client Relationship Management) principals extension to all branches based on “Centru” experience.  Prolongation of IFC collaboration concerning the technical assistance, especially bank employees training oriented. It is important to mention that the information collected during the Technical Assistance Project was included into one document named “Banking Management. Technical Assistance Manual”, which is going to be multiplied and distributed to branch offices in order to offer the possibility for every "Moldindconbank" S.A. employee to use the manual.
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