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New service – Quick money transfer VMT

JSCB "Moldindconbak" implemented a new service – quick money transfer between Russia and Moldova using VMTsystem (Vip Money Transfer). The system is implemented in collaboration with Russian bank - “VIP-Bank”. The money transfer can be performed in three currencies: Russian rubles, US dollars and EURO. For the time being, the VMT system allows to accomplish the money transfer at the lowest price registered at the moment in Moldova. The transfer commission is 1.5% independently of the transferred amount, but not less than:  1.5 USD for US dollars transfer;  1.5 EUR for EURO transfer;  30 RUB for RUB transfer. The commission is charged on the sender. Transfer time - 2 hours. The money receipt and dispatch via VMT system (Vip Money Transfer) can be performed through any CB "Moldindconbak" S.A. branches as well as through the Russian banking offices. For more details about the new service and the list of Russian transfer points – please link “Retail services” – “Money transfer” section.
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