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Get a fast and advantageous fixed-rate loan of up to MDL 400 000


Do you have plans to increase personal or family comfort? Do you want a dream holiday, a car or simply urgently need money? So that unforeseen situations do not overwhelm you, Moldindconbank comes with a very advantageous loan for personal needs..

Now you have fast financing for any need, from MDL 5 000 up to MDL 400 000, for up to 60 months, without collateral.

Moreover, if you are worried about being overburdened by payments, know that the rate for your personal loan is fixed at 10.5% (APR 11.02%), which means you can plan your budget from the start and will not incur any extra costs. Especially as we have zero origination and administration fees for this product.

For example, if you choose a loan of MDL 100,000 for 60 months, the monthly rate will be MDL 2,149.39, the same for the whole term of the contract. The total amount repaid will be MDL 128 963.40. The loan can also be used to refinance existing loans from other financial institutions.

Moldindconbank's credit products are a safe and reliable way to finance your bravest plans and enhance your quality of life.

We are waiting for you at any branch of Moldindconbank!

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