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Dear customers, attention!


Dear customers, attention!

Please, be as vigilant as possible about the emails you receive so that you do not fall prey to online scammers. A new method of defrauding has been launched and to increase the level of trust the addresses are officially worded and look very credible.

To protect yourself, follow the steps below:

1.    Do not open or save attachments.
2.    Do not access links received via email from people posing as Bank employees.
3.    Do not access links that ask you to change your account details or request you to log into Web Banking.în Web Banking.
4.    Do not provide anyone with details of your DVS bank accounts or DVS cards or Web Banking login details. în Web Banking.
5.    ÎIf you have given your card details (number, CVV, PIN, OTP passwords, expiry date) to unauthorized persons or have given your login details in Web Banking, please notify Customer Support immediately at 022 548 940.; 022 548 940.

Customer support
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