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Moldindconbank upgrades Customer Support Service by launching Customer Care Service


Moldindconbank upgrades Customer Support Service and launches Customer Care Service - a new way for customers to interact with the bank simpler, faster and one call away.

People who need support, guidance, advice or a recommendation can always call at 022 548 940 to get in touch with the Customer Care Service team, who is focused on serving them in the best possible way and ensuring a unique experience. The Moldindconbank specialists will provide assistance on any issue: using cards, accessing banking services and products, using mobile and internet banking, information about bank promotions, balance of accounts opened with Moldindconbank, etc.

The new branch is located in a modern space, in line with the best European banking practices and equipped with various types of technology, which will ensure more efficient handling of calls and requests from customers and potential customers, individuals and companies.

Herbert Stepic, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moldindconbank:

"The opening of the Customer Care Service is important both for the specialists here, as it will provide them with more comfort in their daily work, and for our customers, whose calls will be answered and serviced quickly. We continue to develop digital services and we want every customer, who banks remotely, to benefit from information support whenever they need it. At the same time, this service will become an important marketing tool, providing customers with information about all the bank's products and services".”.

Dmytro Krepak, Deputy Chairman of Moldindconbank:

În "In the new Call Center, called Customer Care Service, we will process calls from customers quickly, according to international quality standards, reducing waiting time on the line. We will proactively contact customers to tell them about the bank's promotions, products and services. At the same time, the Customer Care Service is also the place where the focus is on employees, offering them various benefits. We are convinced that a happy employee can make a happy customer".”.

More than 50 Moldindconbank specialists provide customers with a different kind of telephone banking.

Doina Portaru, Deputy Head of Digital Business and Cards Department of Moldindconbank:

"The Customer Care Service is a new service with a young, dedicated and enthusiastic team. We are here to support customers, listen to their needs and come up with effective solutions. The service is in the process of being created and we invite young people to complete our team. Everyone who works here has chosen to serve people and be there for them always.";.

The Customer Care Service is centred on four business lines:

24/24 Support - provides customers with information support by telephone when using the bank's services.

Complaints - handles incoming complaints, dealing with each individual complaint.

Telesales - increases and maintains customer base by selling and promoting the bank's services and products.

Training, Control and Customer Experience - leverages and continuously improves the performance of the Customer Care Service team so that specialists can quickly provide customers with the best solutions, reducing the waiting time on the line.

Customer Care Service is available to customers and potential customers at 022 548 940 or by email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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