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The Moldindconbank team responded to the call launched by Jurnal TV and participated with other volunteers in the greening of the park on Hipodromului Street in Chisinau.

On Saturday, April 29, Moldindconbank employees armed themselves with gloves and garbage bags and set off through the area, collecting the waste randomly thrown by visitors.

Oxana Lavuschina, Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development Department of Moldindconbank:

We are delighted to partner with this event, embracing causes that really matter. Protecting nature is part of our social responsibility policies. We aim to make the city cleaner and greener by getting actively involved in such actions, showing that change comes from everyone's initiatives.

Val Butnaru, founder of Jurnal TV:

It matters a lot to go out one day and tell everyone that cleaning up around us is not a fad. It is a vital act to save our environment.

To increase efficiency and cover as wide an area of green spaces as possible, participants were grouped into three teams. The action took the form of a team competition, which ended with hundreds of bags of waste collected and subsequently disposed of by the I.M. Regia "Autosalubritate" local waste management service.

Adriana Răzmiriță, Moldindconbank volunteer:

"Nature needs attention and care so that we can continue to enjoy it. That is why, together with other colleagues and relatives, we mobilized and came here. It is important that visitors to the park respect the place where they rest.

The action to clean up the parks in Chisinau is in its 13th edition, Moldindconbank being the partner of the event.

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