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The best business ideas of students awarded by Moldindconbank in a national competition.

Moldindconbank supports young people in the Republic of Moldova, who have business ideas that can become profitable from the start. Recently, Moldindconbank participated in the first edition of the National Competition of Business Plans among Students and Master's Degree Students organized by the Technical University of Moldova and awarded the best projects.

The event was named "Competitiveness and innovation in business development for young people".

This competition is an effective tool to stimulate young people in the Republic of Moldova to draw up a plan for developing their own business, assessing consumer problems and needs, so as to provide goods and services that are really needed and demanded by people. Moldindconbank confidently supports those who have thriving, functional business ideas that can become profitable”, said Alexander Picker, Chairman of the Managing Board of Moldindconbank.

The evaluation committee was made up of experts in the field: Valentin Nuca, Director of SME Department, Moldindconbank; Elena Fleaca, University Professor, Polytechnic University of Bucharest and Zinaida Cozima, Head of Implementation Unit of the "Startup for Youth" Programme.

Six criteria were taken into account in the evaluation: the validity and sustainability of the business, the methodology for developing and implementing the idea, the market analysis and marketing plan, the budget and financial plan, the impact of the business investment project and the business management.

Therefore, TOP 3 well-structured and forward-looking business projects were identified:

  • 1st place, prize of 5000 de lei – "Selective waste collection and recovery - EcoLogic MD" project, developed by Anatolie Berco, Technical University of Moldova;
  • 2nd place, prize of 3000 lei – proiectul „"Liberti Platform - Busy People, Happy People" project, developed by Dorin Erhan, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova;
  • 3rd place, prize of 2000 lei - "Two Green - salads and sprouts in greenhouses" project, developed by Gabriel Zicunov, Technical University of Moldova.

      At the same time, 5 business plans were selected, the authors of which received 1500 lei each, being evaluated according to specific criteria:

  • The most original business plan – proiectul "Breeding and sale of ladybugs for organic field protection" project, author: Fulguta Caraus, Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies;
  • The most innovative plan and digitized business idea – "E-Accounting Platform - software for bookkeeping" project, author: Alexandru Cozlovschi, Technical University of Moldova;
  • The most complex business idea with integration in the value chain of products – "Manufacturing of dehydrated berries Winter vitamins (Wv) in Fruits S.R.L" project, authors: Maria Cusnir and Dimitria Ciubotaru, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi;
  • The simplest business idea in implementation – "Development of the sale business of the decorative flowers in Little Park SRL" project, author: Alexandra Diaciuc, IP Agroindustrial College of Rascani;
  • The most harmless and environmentally friendly business idea (renewable resources, ecological/organic, green energy, circular economy) – proiectul „"Production and sale of Miscanthus (plant for biomass)" project, author: Raisa Moisei, Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies.

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