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With the support and involvement of Moldindconbank and ULTRA home appliances showroom, a recreation room will be set up at the Institute of Mother and Child for hospitalized children and the mothers staying with them. This play area will be created in the recently renovated Gastroenterology Ward of the Child Care Clinic.

”For children, who by nature are energetic and eager to move, hospital treatment is a more difficult time and providing a comfortable environment is an important step to their recovery. We also wanted to create a more comfortable environment, including psychological conditions, for mothers staying with their little patients. These are values that are part of Moldindconbank's social responsibility and we did not hesitate when we received the request for help from the Institute for Mother and Child”, said Moldindconbank PR Director Tatiana Marcu.

”I am firmly convinced that the success of ULTRA largely depends on the usefulness and benefits we can bring to people, this is the basic principle by which we are guided. That is why we are actively involved in supporting social projects and promoting noble causes through the support offered to children, young people and families in need, in order to give them the chance to an independent and carefree life. We want as many children as possible to be born in our country and all to be healthy, therefore, we decided to offer this donation to the Mother and Child Centre”, said Nicolae Popescu, ULTRA showroom sales director.

The playroom is designed for 35 children, but will also provide better resting conditions for 20 mothers caring for their little ones.

”We thank Moldindconbank and ULTRA for their support. At the disposal of children and mothers will be a high-performance TV, computers, and various games. The room will be equipped with heaters and air conditioners, as well as a refrigerator and other appliances so that mothers can cook something extra for their children. All this will ensure better comfort for the children, which is very important to provide them with a more favorable psychological environment that will contribute to a faster recovery”, said Ion Mihu, Head of the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department of the Child Care Clinic of the Institute for Mother and Child.

The value of the Moldindconbank and Ultra donation is over 80 thousand lei. The new playroom at the Gastrology Department of the Child Care Clinic will be opened in the near future.

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