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«VIP Magazin» awarded Herbert Stepic, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moldindconbank, with the Man of the Year 2022 trophy in banking nomination. The trothy was taken over by the newly approved Chairman of the Managing Board of Moldindconbank, Alexander Picker, who will personally pass it on to the holder.

Alexander Picker mentioned that Herbert Stepic was awarded on merit because he is the man who promoted the expansion of the European banks eastwards and the facilitation of banking services.

”Banks have a very important role in the economy and Herbert Stepic has made a great contribution to this particular sector. He is not only a renowned man in Austria, but also throughout the Eastern Europe, and especially here in Moldova, where he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moldindconbank. I am glad to have the honor to receive this trophy on his behalf. We are grateful for your appreciation and I would like to thank the bank's team. Without its involvement, it would not be possible to receive this trophy. We are doing our best to be an important bank for the Moldovan economy”, said Alexander Picker.

Herbert Stepic is known in international banking circles as a promoter of the Western investment banking in the Central and Eastern Europe. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moldindconbank was responsible for the international expansion of what is today Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), where he served as CEO until 2013. Herbert Stepic was also named the Man of the Year 2020 in the nomination of the Famous Foreigners in Moldova by VIP Magazin.

Moldindconbank is the general partner of the Man of the Year 2022, which brought together the most notorious personalities from political, cultural, social and economic fields of the country. ”By supporting this event, we want to confirm that your success is also ours. Moldindconbank strives to strengthen the success of the country and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to show what we are capable of”, said the Moldindconbank Chairman, Alexander Picker.

Moldindconbank is one of the most important banks in the Republic of Moldova, leader in the card and mortgage segments and has the largest network of branches located throughout the country.


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