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The executive board of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) approved Mihail Iovu as deputy chairman of the managing Board of Moldindconbank.

A decision in this regard was taken on December 1 of this year by the executive board of the NBM.

The new deputy chairman will be in charge of the IT and Operations Area, which includes the Information Technologies Department, Logistics Department, Projects and Organization Department, and Operations Department.

Mihail Iovu held, from February 2020 until now, the position of IT and Operations Area, being responsible for the domain of information technologies, project management, banking operations and procurement and logistic functions of the bank. Previously he performed for more than 2 years the function of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Head of Support and Operations Division at Mobiasbanca Group Societe Generale and later, OTP Bank.

Also the designated deputy chairman of Moldindconbank has over 18 years of experience in the financial and banking sector in international banking institutions.

Between March 2011 and August 2014, he worked at Societe Generale in Paris, being responsible for activities related to operational risks, business continuity and crisis management.

Moldindconbank is one of the largest banks in the Republic of Moldova, with the largest network of subdivisions in the country and holds the leading position in the real estate loans and payment cards segments. Since March 2019, the majority investor of Moldindconbank is the Bulgarian company „Doverie-Invest”. Now the European investor holds a 78.21% stake in the bank’s capital.

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