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Moldindconbank has become a partner of the ”Radu Rebeja” Football Academy and will contribute to the preparation of children and young people who want a future in professional football.

The announcement was made by the adviser to the Chairman of the bank, Alexander Picker, who stressed that the support of sport is a crucial part of the values promoted by Moldindconbank.

The financial support we provide to the”Radu Rebeja" Football Academy is intended to educate and train children from socially disadvantaged families and our desire is to give them an equal chance, not to be limited due to financial difficulties..We want to see them on the field and at national championships, but also at international competitions. Moldindconbank has carried out many social responsibility projects this year, including related to sports, and I want you to be sure – Moldindconbank is always next to you", said Alexander Picker.

Academy president Radu Rebeja, a renowned football player, thanked his partner and said that by his gesture, Moldindconbank contributes to promoting healthy lifestyle and sports among the younger generation.

We are grateful for supporting the young, football-loving generation. I am also convinced that these children and young people, who are training at the Academy today, have a beautiful future, but also, at some point, will represent Moldova at international level and will bring the country's fame to the world. And you will certainly be the ones who contributed to this achievement", Radu Rebeja said.

After signing the partnership agreement, the adviser to the chairman of Moldindconbank attended a friendly football match played by Radu Rebeja’s disciples with a team of teenagers from Iasi.

””The trainings are at the highest level, prepared by very good coaches and, personally, by Radu Rebeja. And the support offered by Moldindconbank will allow us in the future to go, for example, to more international tournaments, where we will demonstrate what we are capable of ", says one of the young footballers, Ovidiu David.

At the end of the event, as a sign of appreciation from the Football Academy team, Alexander Picker received as a gift a personalized T-shirt with the Moldindconbank logo.

The ”Radu Rebeja" Football Academy was established in 2019 and its head aims to develop a world-class technical program accessible to all. This gives young footballers equal opportunities to enter the prestigious world of football, a unique personalized training methodology, adjusted to the profile of each child.

About 500 children are trained at the Academy, including from the boarding school with a sports profile.

Moldindconbank is always next to you!

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