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The Moldindconbank customer, the cardholder with the number 1 000 000, had an incredible surprise, which pleasantly shocked him.

Ion Panfilii, 26 years old, went to ”Stabil” branch in the Ciocana sector of the capital to pick up his Mastercard salary card. However, he was amazed when the director of the branch, as well as team of dancers and the famous Dora, from the Dora Show greeted him.

The card is personalized and has printed on it, in addition to the name of the holder, and the number 1 000 000.

The young man could not recover from the pleasant shock, when Dora put in his hands a gift from Moldindconbank – an iPhone 14 Plus.

I was called by the branch manager and invited to take my card. But I did not expect at all what followed”, says, deeply excited, the cardholder with the number 1 000 000.

The young man from Ciorescu, Chisinau municipality, will now receive his salary on the Mastercard card and will also take advantage of the benefits provided by Moldindconbank and its international partner. It is about free service, simplicity, convenience and security of online payments, in the country and abroad, but also access to an card credit "overdraft".

”I also have a Mastercard card from Moldindconbank and I urge you to do as I do, especially since the card with the number 2 000 000 will bring another prize”, Dora addressed to the bank's customers.

Other customers who were in the branch at the time were also surprised. They received balloons with the inscription 1 000 000 cards.

For his part, the director of Moldindconbank's ”Stabil” branch in the Ciocana sector said that the issuance of the card with the number 1 000 000 comes to confirm the leading position of Moldindconbank on the card market.

”This inspires confidence and motivates us to provide quality services to customers and we are very glad that we are the number 1 priority when choosing customers in this segment, and it motivates us to become better, to develop new and qualitative products and to always be with customers”, said the representative of Moldindconbank.

We remind that Moldindconbank is the first bank in Moldova to issue 1 000 000 cards and recently received the Market Leader award (leader on the card market in Moldova), offered at Mastercard Day Moldova 2022.

The bank holds a 37.6% share of the card market in the country.

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