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Mastercard awarded Moldindconbank for the leading position on the card market in Moldova


Moldindconbank continues to be the undisputed leader on the card market in the Republic of Moldova.

The confirmation comes from the MasterCard, the global technology company at the annual event ”Mastercard Day Moldova 2022”,Moldindconbank received the distinction for (Market Leader), as well as, was awarded with the New Senses in Premium.

The awards were received by the Head of Network and Alternative Channels Department of Moldindconbank, Igor Stratan, in Warsaw (Poland), where this year was held ”Mastercard Day Moldova 2022”. Igor Stratan thanked the international partner for recognizing the achievements of Moldindconbank in the conditions of tough competition.

"It is not easy to be a market leader over seven years. I would like to thank MasterCard for their support, as well as the Moldindconbank team, for their daily work to maintain this leadership position. I also thank our competitors for making us move forward,” the bank representative said.

In addition, Igor Stratan highlighted another factor that confirms the quality of the leader on the card market. "I have a surprise for you. Moldindconbank is the first Bank in Moldova to issue one million cards. And the card with the number one million is MasterCard!” the Head of Network and Alternative Channels Department of Moldindconbank stressed.

"Over many years and even in turbulent times, Moldindconbank manages to keep the leading positions and keep the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers, offering them convenient payment tools. We are grateful to the bank's team for the continuity in the development of card products, but also for all the efforts they make to develop the card market in Moldova, in general,” Mrs. Irina Untila, Director of the MasterCard Office in the Republic of Moldova, said.

Moldindconbank is one of the most important banks in Moldova and holds the primacy in several segments of banking services. In particular, the institution owns 37.6% of the bank card market in the country.

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