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Moldindconbank contributed to the renovation of the headquarters of the Association for the Blind of Moldova destroyed by fire


Moldindconbank provided financial aid to the Association for the Blind of Moldova

Moldindconbank provided financial aid for MDL 45 thousand for the renovation of the headquarters of the Association for the Blind of Moldova. The building was badly damaged following a devastating fire late this summer. The bank provided this aid on International Day of the Blind, annually marked on November 13.

Firefighters fought the blaze over hours that destroyed the roof, the first and second floors of the building, but also all the goods inside.

”On August 30, when there was a heavy rain in Chisinau, a devastating fire took place in our headquarters as a result of a short circuit, the firefighters said. Windows and doors, equipment for people with disabilities that was in the room burnt. Our losses are over MDL 2 million and Moldindconbank helped us a lot to repair what is more urgently needed,” said Dumitru Sclifos, Administrator of the Association for the Blind of Moldova.
In this context, Moldindconbank provided a financial support of MDL 45 thousand to restore part of the losses caused by the fire.

Three doors and a window were purchased and a part of the costs for the renovation of the roof, destroyed in the fire, was covered with this money.

"I would like to thank Moldindconbank for being among the first to react and help us with financial sources. Those MDL 45 thousand that were granted are the basis for starting the reparation and for all the needs that we will have,” added Nicolae Ciobanu, Senior specialist of the Association for the Blind of Moldova.

"Social responsibility is part of the values we promote. We make every effort to be with the people who need our help at critical times. We could not remain indifferent to the request of the Association that went through these nightmare moments, and we will do everything possible to help them further,” said Mrs. Tzvetanka Kroumova, Acting Chairperson of Moldindconbank.

This year, the bank carried out several social responsibility projects in key areas such as education, sport, cultural diversity and health.

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