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On the Days of the Bessarabian Bulgarians, Taraclia town brought together the presidents of the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria, diplomats, officials, businesspersons, representatives of the academic environment from both countries.

Moldinconbank is one of the sponsors of the cultural event.

”"People are the greatest wealth of the country and Moldindconbank is glad that it can contribute to supporting and preserving the cultural values of the ethnicities of the Republic of Moldova. Our bank is a very good example, when high-value specialists from almost 10 countries, including Bulgaria, join their efforts to contribute to the promotion of European values in the Republic of Moldova. We are honored to be partners in organizing this beautiful event and that we can thus contribute to the preservation and promotion of traditions and culture,” states Mrs. Tzvetanka Kroumova, Acting CEO of Moldindconbank.

On the Days of the Bessarabian Bulgarians, the Presidents of Moldova and Bulgaria also came to Taraclia.

”"We value the culture, traditions and customs of the Bulgarian community in the Republic of Moldova. You know how to preserve and pass on this heritage from generation to generation. Thus, you have preserved your ethnic identity and enriched the cultural heritage of our country. We also appreciate the effort to bring back the Bulgarian language to the active circuit, so that it is spoken by as many ethnic Bulgarians as possible, but also the effort to learn the Romanian language. We will continue to be receptive to the needs of the Bulgarian community,” says the Head of State, Maia Sandu.

The President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, encouraged ethnic Bulgarians in Moldova to contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the country.

”As citizens of Moldova, you are the bridge that connects friendship and cooperation between our peoples. I encourage you to be loyal citizens of Moldova: to respect the laws and Constitution of the country, to contribute to the social life and economic prosperity of the country, to preserve the Bulgarian roots, identity, language and culture. Bulgaria supports Moldova's European aspirations and the sooner the country joins the EU, the sooner we will become a big European family,” Rumen Radev says.

The Days of the Bessarabian Bulgarians are held on October 28-30 and include thematic conferences at the State University ”Grigori Tamblac” in Taraclia, concerts, sports competitions and other mass events.


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